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Our Story

A footwear store at your fingertips.

We've bypassed traditional brick and mortar retail and have made shopping for gentlemen's footwear simple and easy.

Our story

Dapper Lane began with a dream; to produce exquisite and high-quality leather goods.

Our product line has grown to include quality custom handcrafted leather shoes, bags and accessories, and we’re finding a great sense of purpose along the way. We hope our offerings speak to your own lifestyle and goals, and invite you to share this journey with us.

Our online configurator, with a purpose.

We at Dapper Lane set out to design, make and deliver comfortable gentlemen's footwear for a fraction of the cost of other major retailers.

Our values

Quality leather goods in the form of bags and shoemaking is a disappearing art. In an era of mass-produced goods where quantity outweighs quality, Dapper Lane prioritises the latter.

We value the quality of old handcrafting tradition. Our passion for quality footwear lies deep in our support of the European artisans and master handcrafters that we work with. That means great attention to aesthetics and quality. We are real makers. All our handcrafted shoes feature pristine Italian leather, suede and sartorial fabrics, sourced via our leather artisans from sustainable sources.

We're obsessed with the details, so you can rest easy.

Meticulously designed and handcrafted for an amazingly comfortable shoes.

Our journey so far!

At Dapper Lane, we believe that every man's unique personality should be given the attention it truly deserves. We accept made to order customisation to reflect the true style of our unique customers, allowing you to be part of the true shoemaking process.

When it comes to the art of producing exquisite leather goods, we are the astute gentlemen.
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