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The name "Almansa" stems from the Arabic (al-manṣaf), "half way of the road".

This Spanish city is a refreshing oasis in the middle of bustling Europe, remaining mostly untouched by the modern world. The people here have pride and appreciation for family, and time goes by just a little slower in the old world than it does elsewhere.

This region has an ancient history spanning back centuries, famous for its reputation with precision agriculture and quality craftsmanship.

Our expert shoemakers are no exception. Hard-working and a dedicated lot. No matter how small or large the task at hand may be; we never cut corners. Quality workmanship means taking our time with each stitch so that we can get exactly the right result every single time!

Meticulously refined shoemaking is a disappearing trade that was passed down from generation to generation. We're proud to uphold our family's three-generation long tradition and take pride in knowing that many hands touch every single pair made by us.

Shoemaking is how we grew up; shoemaking is what we know best.

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