Wholesale Partner


We provide boutiques and retailers with a versatile and comprehensive wholesale solution to sell Dapper Lane footwear and accessories at your physical store locations.

Our default BULK styles catalog includes +90 shoe styles and accessories, like Derby Shoes, Sneakers, Chelsea Boots, Slippers, Duffle Bags, Cigar Cases and many more.

Each of those +90 base styles can be customized and ordered with a large amount of variables: shoe lasts, materials, sole units, etc. We estimate that +60 Billion different designs can be accomplished using our base offer.

Base Styles

We offer a full array of shoe styles for Men and Women: dress shoes, casual shoes, sneakers, slippers, etc. Additionally, we also offer luxury bags styles and small leather goods, as well as accessories like belts.

All these base styles can be customized using the 3D Designing Tool with the available configuration options (different shoe lasts, shoe pieces, materials, finishing, etc). Base styles can be ordered one-by-one (MTO) as well as in BULK (small batches of at least 10 units per style).


Dynamic MTO & BULK Prices

Available on the Admin 3D Designing Tool, this feature is mainly conceived to make the production an easy and streamlined process.

Manufacturing prices for MTO (single order) production as well as wholesaler costs for BULK production (small batches of 10 items per style) are shown on the top right corner of the 3D Design Tool.

The dynamic price widget provides a real-time bulk price quotation based on the style combination in process that you see on-screen. Right after each modification made (materials, sole unit, accessories…etc) prices are automatically re-calculated in real-time.